This Month’s Reads: August 2021


📆 This Month

We’re focusing in on online shops. SEO for eCommerce, Display advertising for eCommerce, Email marketing for eCommerce, and Branding for… well everything (including eCommerce!).


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📚 You should read…


Best Tools to Increase Sales for Your eCommerce Store

13 vital tools to make your eCommerce store more efficient, more effective, and more reactive.

How to Optimize Your Shopify Store for Search

Shopify stores can be amazing for SEO – if you know what you are doing. Read this guide and brush up on best practice.


Display Advertising Tips for the eCommerce Industry

Display ads are the ideal channel for eCommerce. But the question is – how do you make your brand stand out?


How to Define a Brand Voice for Maximum Impact

So your brand exists. So what? Does it mean anything to anyone? Define your brand voice and give it power.


12 Email Marketing Tips For Budding Fashion Brands

Email marketing can help you develop long-lasting relationships with your customers in a way that other channels can’t.