This Month’s Reads: October 2020

This month on The Online Advertising Guide
… we go over how the largest change to Google’s algorithm in recent years will affect you, with a great explainer on BERT from Hannah Stevenson of Linkology.

I categorise all the ways that ads can earn a website money, as well as making sure you have the most essential tool in your SEO arsenal, while Gabby Klesser of LA Website Design takes an optimistic view of On-Page SEO. Plus the always excellent Kayleigh Alexandra of Micro Startups lets you know if you’re ready to start your own eCommerce store.

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This Month's Reads

What is BERT And How Will It Affect You?What is BERT And How Will It Affect You?
by Hannah Stevenson, Content Marketing Manager at Linkology

“BERT sounds like the name of a dull cousin with a stamp collection and a job at a car wash, so you might be surprised to hear that the name could actually mean a lot to your digital marketing strategy.”

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How Online Ads Generate Revenue [Infographic]How Online Ads Generate Revenue [Infographic]
by Justin Driskill, Editor of The Online Advertising Guide

“Online advertising is all about clicks right? Well not always. If you are a website owner you can be forgiven for thinking that, as the (slight) complexity of the matter is hidden from you.”

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How To Tell You're Ready To Run And Market An Ecommerce StoreHow To Tell You’re Ready To Run And Market An Ecommerce Store
by Kayleigh Alexandra, Editor at Micro Startups

“Running an eCommerce store requires a lot of planning, determination, and long hours to develop it into a successful business.”

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SEO Recommendation: Search ConsoleSEO Recommendation: Search Console
by Justin Driskill, Editor of The Online Advertising Guide

“Google Search Console is in a lot of ways, the absolute centre of the SEO world.”

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On-Page SEO in a NutshellOn-Page SEO in a Nutshell
by Gabby Klesser, Outreach Manager for LA Website Design

“The fantastic thing about on-page SEO is that you have total control: you get to identify the goal or topic of each page.”

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Online Advertising Answers: August 2020Bonus! Online Advertising Answers: September 2020

Check out the Q&A from the OAA mailbag this month:

★ When did online advertising start?
★ What is considered a good CTR on Facebook ads?
★ What techniques are there to get a high CTR on ads on your website?

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