This Month’s Reads: November 2020

This month on The Online Advertising Guide
… we feature an excellent in-depth look at product customization on big brand sites by Alex Husar of Onliab. We also share an infographic from Karl Tablante of SEO Sherpa that entirely turned me around on a controversial term – SEO Content (I bet you’ll feel differently after you read it too).

I tell a spooky tale of a superfan turned social media troll-bot, while Karli Jaenike of Juicebox Marketing gives Real Estate Agents some tailored practical advice about Content Marketing. We also have an exploration of the difference between qualified and unqualified leads, our monthly digital marketing Q&A, and a superb random recommendation which explains an SEO mystery.

Happy reading!

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This Month's Reads

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Top Product Customization Ideas for eCommerce WebsitesTop Product Customization Ideas for eCommerce Websites
by Alex Husar, CTO at Onilab

“Giving customers the opportunity to assemble a unique order and get something special rather than to just buy “off the rack” is a powerful tactic in eCommerce.”

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13 Steps To Writing SEO-Friendly Content That Always Ranks [Infographic]13 Steps To Writing SEO-Friendly Content That Always Ranks [Infographic]
by Karl Tablante, Inbound Marketing Manager at SEO Sherpa

“SEO content is purpose-driven content designed to attract website traffic AND rank high in search engines like Google.”

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Have You Ever Met A Bot?Have You Ever Met A Bot?
by Justin Driskill, Editor of The Online Advertising Guide

“Have you ever met a bot on social media? I have. His name was Pawel – let me you tell you about him.”

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10 Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents10 Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents
by Karli Jaenike, Content Marketer & Co-Founder of JuiceBox

“How many people pop into your neighbourhood real estate agency in a day?

Compare that to the 90% of buyers who seek realtors online, out of which 70% find them through search.”

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What’s the Difference Between Qualified and Unqualified Leads?What’s the Difference Between Qualified and Unqualified Leads?
by Samuel Alfie, Blogger at ProProfs Discuss

“It is imperative to know that not all leads are equal. It doesn’t imply that a lead is good or bad. But a few leads do have higher chances of conversions than others.”

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Online Advertising AnswersBonus Feature: Online Advertising Answers

This month’s Q&A…

★ “What ads should you not click on?”
★ “How did you optimize your Google AdSense earnings?”
★ “How much does someone make if they get 1,000 clicks a day?”

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