This Month’s Reads: May 2021

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Find out about how the top 10 social networks have been doing, run through an eCommerce brand launch preflight check, and learn about UX through an excessively accessible project.

All this and more below – enjoy!

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📚 This Month You Should Read…

The Top 10 Social Networks [2021 Edition]

The latest stats on who make up the top ten social networks out there. While the list may not surprise you, the big growers just might!


3 best practices of competitor SEO you should know

One of the lowest hanging fruits in SEO is to create content for “alternative” and “versus” queries. Kevin Indig highlights three great examples.


8 Steps Before Launching an eCommerce Brand

With online commerce competition at an all-time high, you can’t just create a commerce platform online and expect customers to come flocking in.


Rethinking Batman’s classic outfit in a user-centric way

An incredibly accessible (and fun) introduction to UX using a review of Batman’s outfit to explain the process.


How To Use Social Media For Environmental Advocacy

There’s no better way to expand your reach and promote environmental advocacy than through an effective social media strategy.