This Month’s Reads: March 2021

This Month's Reads

This month we’ve got a new design and a whole new ethos for This Month’s Reads. From now on we’re going to be bringing you more great digital marketing articles from around the web, and more exclusive bonus features for TMR subscribers  (sign up here to get them).

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📚 This Month You Should Read…

Google Continues to Promise Its Bid to End Cookies Isn’t an Enormous Power Grab

by Shoshana Wodinsky, Gizmodo

Cookies are being killed off one way or another, and Google has a plan to keep conversion tracking at about 95% of what it is now.


5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

by Tracie Johnson, Business Writer

A helpful look at a few common marketing mistakes that entrepreneurs and business owners often make (and how to avoid them).


What the iOS14 changes mean for charities

by Krislyn Tan, Platypus Digital

Apple have made some major privacy changes in their latest iOS update which have changed how Facebook can track conversions. Out of the dozens of guides on the matter this one from Platypus Digital is possibly the best (whether or not you work for a charity).


Steps to Developing a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

by Raluca Crasuleac, 5 Fold Marketing

A review some of the fundamental steps marketers and businesses should take to craft successful digital marketing campaigns.


Google’s Two-Click Penalty for Publishers Explained

by Stanislav Kaschiyski, Devrix

If you run display ads from Google on your side (AdSense or AdX), you’re going to want to know about the two-click penalty. It can cost you money, and no-one will even tell you that it’s happening.