This Month’s Reads: July 2021


📆 This Month

We show you a world of simple ideas to make your site better. Improve your intros, your forms, your URL slugs, your ads’ loading speeds, and how you deal with customer reviews.


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📚 This Month You Should Read…

Hook, Line, Sinker: How to Write an Introduction

A great primer on how to snare the reader in your intro in a way that keeps them reading right to the end.


How to Optimize Forms for Lead Generation

Putting your forms in the wrong place can cost you leads. Learn how to boost your lead gen by making a few small changes.


URL Slugs: How to Create SEO-Friendly URLs

10 Easy steps to creating SEO friendly URL slugs from SEO Sherpa.


The Importance of Customer Reviews in eCommerce

Who looks at reviews these days anyway? It turns out pretty much everyone does! Find out how to make the most of them.


Tips to Reduce Page Latency with Header Bidding

Don’t let ads slow your webpages down. If your site has RTB ads on them then these great tips from Setupad can boost page speed.