This Months Reads: January 2021

This month on The Online Advertising Guide
…  we feature a great glut of top tips starting with a roundup of the best digital marketing tweets of 2020.

We also have a look at how covid changed the digital landscape, how to tailor your social media strategy for each platform, a great checklist for lead gen and some helpful tips for 3D printing businesses.

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This Month's Reads

How Covid-19 Is Pushing Digital TransformationHow Covid-19 Is Pushing Digital Transformation
by Stuart Cooke, Digital Marketing Manager at

“One of the biggest ways in which Covid-19 has been pushing digital transformation is through a shift in generations. People of all ages have been forced to sharpen their digital skill sets in order to be able to run even basic errands.”

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Top 50 Digital Marketing Tweets of the Year [2020]Top 50 Digital Marketing Tweets of the Year [2020]
by Justin Driskill, Editor of The Online Advertising Guide

“In spite of (or maybe because of) all the extra work we’ve all been doing this year some real gold has been spinning on Marketing Twitter.

So to celebrate this excellent community here is my list of the top 50 digital marketing tweets of the year.”

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How to Tailor Your Social Media Strategy for Each PlatformHow to Tailor Your Social Media Strategy for Each Platform
by Gabby Klesser, Outreach Manager for LA Website Design

“The best way to determine what social media strategy works best is to try and use each platform. Immersing yourself in each one will give you the chance to study and experiment with what clicks and what does not.”

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5 Tactics for Successful Email Lead Generation5 Tactics for Successful Email Lead Generation
by Marouane El Baghati, SEO Specialist at Omnisend

“The following tactics are tried and tested, and deliver the right type of contacts for your business – because there’s no point in having a long list of subscribers if half of them don’t really want to be there!”

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7 Point Checklist for Marketers in the 3D Printing Business7 Point Checklist for Marketers in the 3D Printing Business
by Louisa Alen, Content Marketer at D3D Printing

“While there are numerous ways you can earn money off from 3D printing, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You can’t just buy a 3D printer and expect to sell any 3D-printed items you make. Running a business requires a little bit more than that.”

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