This Month’s Reads: December 2020

This month on The Online Advertising Guide
… we feature some of my favourite digital marketing writers of the moment!

Gabby Klesser returns with an excellent guide to setting up your first Google Ad campaign, followed by the talented Stuart Cooke helping brands to get started on TikTok with some simple strategies.

We have the excessively smart Bong Fornillos back once again to explain exactly how and why small businesses can create brand guidelines, and Momina Ayaz provides a must-read for fashion industry marketers with some great and specific lead gen tips.

I also dive into what a social media engagement campaign is actually for, and share the ever-popular Online Advertising Answers where this month I take a stab at three questions around the aesthetics of ads on your site. And don’t miss the bonus link from the American Marketing Association explaining the difference between Marketing and Advertising.

I feel like I’m saying this every month right now, but we’ve been on a roll. It’s another great issue of TMR!

Happy reading!

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This Month's Reads

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What Do You Actually Get From A Social Media Engagement Campaign?What Do You Actually Get From A Social Media Engagement Campaign?
by Justin Driskill, Editor of The Online Advertising Guide

“When you run engagement ads, in a way you are buying a social networks love. In a much more accurate way, you are paying for a specific set of interactions with your content. Let’s look at which interactions & if you should actually pay for them.”

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Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Your First Google Ads Search CampaignStep-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Your First Google Ads Search Campaign
by Gabby Klesser, Outreach Manager for LA Website Design

“Setting up a Google Ads search campaign is not rocket science. However, if you don’t know how to go about it, it can be overwhelming. If you are considering setting up your first campaign, the following steps should get your efforts off to a good start.”

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Simple TikTok Strategies for BrandsSimple TikTok Strategies for Brands
by Stuart Cooke, Digital Marketing Manager at

“If you want to get involved and make the most from this platform, you need to have a good marketing strategy in place like you would for any other social media platform.”

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7 Simple Steps to Create Brand Guidelines for Small Businesses7 Simple Steps to Create Brand Guidelines for Small Businesses
by Emmanuel “Bong” Fornillos, Senior Author at Startup Credo

“Creating a brand and its detailed brand guidelines are critical to building a company’s identity. Before any marketing plans may be employed, knowing what the company is all about is paramount.”

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Lead Generation Tips For The Fashion IndustryLead Generation Tips For The Fashion Industry
by Momina Ayaz, Content Marketer at Mailmunch

“The fashion industry has a headstart in the eCommerce sphere with most clothing brands already generating massive sales from their online stores. But how do you ensure that you maintain a steady stream of prospects or attract new customers?”

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Online Advertising AnswersBonus Feature: Online Advertising Answers

This month’s Q&A…

★ Can ads cause CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)?
★ Should I use ads? Will ads make my blog less aesthetically pleasing?
★ Do people need to click ads in order for you to get paid or is just having seen them enough?

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Random Thing We Think You Should Read:
Marketing vs Advertising
An oldie, but a goodie – what is the difference between marketing and advertising? Read the take from a heavyweight of the industry – by The American Marketing Association