This Month’s Reads: April 2021

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Find all the “official” places to learn digital marketing for free, read about a surprisingly great idea for the future of social network algorithms, and why you should launch your eCommerce brand now.

All this and more below – enjoy!

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📚 This Month You Should Read…

Learn Digital Marketing for Free [Updated: 2021 Edition]

An up-to-date list of where to find all the free courses offered from the major digital marketing platforms (Facebook, Google, Twitter etc).


Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Wants To Build An App Store For Social Media Algorithms

Imagine being able to download an algorithm for Facebook that prioritises posts with memes. Or cat pics. Or no politics. Or…


5 Reasons Why It’s A Good Time to Launch an eCommerce Brand

As the economic climate continues its digital pivot, planning an online brand is inevitable. Shifting to an eCommerce brand is the only logical (and responsible) choice for some smaller businesses to keep going.


Long Term Shared Hosting Experiment

Does sharing your hosting with bad websites or being in a so-called “bad neighbourhood” hurt your rankings?


Why Use Pinterest Analytics?

Are you planning a Pinterest content strategy for your campaign and don’t know where to start? Understanding Pinterest Analytics is a good first step.