This Month’s Reads: April 2020

This month on The Online Advertising Guide
This April we help you make sure your digital marketing foundations are in place – learn about Instagram, Google Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, the marketing funnel, and how to tell if you’re succeeding on social media.

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This Month's Reads

7 Actionable Ways to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing7 Actionable Ways to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing
by Sergey Aliokhin, Marketing Manager at andcards

“A big advantage of being an affiliate marketer is that you can promote a huge variety of products and at the same time earn solid money.”

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The Digital Marketing Funnel [Infographic]The Digital Marketing Funnel [Infographic]
by Justin Driskill, Editor at The Online Advertising Guide

“Think about your digital marketing & content, write down what you think it’s doing & to who, and then look at this infographic some more. It’s a really simple concept, but it’s applications are deep…”

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Back to Basics: What is Instagram?Back to Basics: What is Instagram?
by Christoforos Zafeiris, Copywriter at Moosend

“Instagram is a mentality, a way of communicating your identity to your audience, through different forms of visual content.”

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Product Recommendation: Google AnalyticsProduct Recommendation: Google Analytics
by Justin Driskill, Editor at The Online Advertising Guide

“If you want to know how your site is performing, you can find helpful stats on the homepage. If you want a deep dive into your stats to help you optimise basically anything about your site – you can do that too.”

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How to Know if You're Succeeding on Social MediaHow to Know if You’re Succeeding on Social Media
by Aubrey Barcena, Digital Marketer at Growth Rocket

“Chances are you’ve already set up your social media accounts. However, it can be pretty challenging to monitor your progress, especially if you’re just starting out and using multiple platforms to promote your business.”

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