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How Utilizing User Personas Helps Fine-Tune and Improve Marketing Strategies

In the course of building a marketing strategy, there are many kinds of big data tools you can use. User personas are one of these tools. These personas serve as composites of all your hard-earned demographic data to strengthen your market understanding. User personas can be extremely helpful. They allow […]

Why Use Pinterest Analytics?

Are you planning a Pinterest content strategy for your campaign and don’t know where to start? Understanding Pinterest Analytics is a good first step. This Pinterest tool provides helpful key insights about your Pins and audience, so you can craft content that drives more awareness, increases traffic, boosts sales, and […]

What Are The Main Types of Digital Marketing Metric? [Infographic]

Being able to track digital marketing directly is what so strongly distinguishes it from offline marketing. Whereas newspaper, TV, radio, and outdoor ads only estimate viewership and effectiveness, online advertising can tell you how it performed, and right away. Yes there are discrepancies in online advertising reporting, and yes attribution […]