Social Media Marketing

There are two parts to Social Media Marketing (SMM) – organic social (e.g. posting on social media and interacting with people) and paid social (i.e. running ads on social networks).

Paid social is one of the main online advertising types explored on this site.

However, it’s also important for digital advertisers to pay attention to the organic part of SMM too. This is because organic social media is mainly about branding and community building, and having a strong brand and a loyal community helps online advertising perform better.

This is because brand value is the ultimate performance multiplier.

Advertisers will see higher click-through rates, conversion rates, and lower costs if your brand is liked and famous.

Ad-funded websites will likely see:

  • more return visits
  • more pages per visit
  • longer average session duration
  • and possibly higher CTRs on the ads on your site (because people trust you).

It should be noted that organic social is not a great traffic driver. This means that ad-funded sites should not expect to significantly increase traffic directly through social posts. People don’t go on social media to find ways to leave it.

But a solid approach to social media will improve your online advertising performance and is worth investing in.

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