What Ad Networks Want

It’s not exactly the plot of a Rom-Com, but what ad networks want is to make money from you, and to do that they have to make money with you. Signing up with an ad network is a partnership you enter into, and being thus there is some work you should do on your end to make everything run smoothly and avoid a tragic break-up.

What ad networks want ultimately are low trouble, high reward sites. Having a high user count, well placed ads and a support team the ad network can work with to implement more advanced campaigns is the ideal situation, especially if your site is a well known brand with lots of ad space. Also flexibility and a laissez-faire attitude don’t go amiss with the salespeople of your ad network either.

Not being able to provide any or all of these things doesn’t sound the death knell for you and ad networks however – there is still plenty you can do to entice them, you just might not be their best girl.

So if you decide to use ad networks to monetize your site, then we’ve provided some information on the things which you should and shouldn’t do to make the most out of them. If you can’t (or won’t) change your site then that’s fine, you’ll just have to make do as best you can. BUT if you have the option to make your site more attractive to (and compatible with) ad networks, then we have some recommendations.

WARNING: Please note that (of course) all ad networks are different and may in fact require different things than the ones listed. Also if you are called by an ad networks Business Development Manager that means they are likely very interested in your site, and will therefore likely ply your site with compliments to try and sign you (although the things they compliment are not necessarily desirable traits in sites in reality).


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