Setting Up Ads

When you are thinking of setting up ads for your first ad network, we at The Online Advertising Guide recommend choosing Google AdSense. The criteria for deciding on your first ad network if you are a small site are laid out here, but even when your site is larger we believe it makes sense to start with AdSense.

This is because as well as AdSense being easy to get started with, it also works well as a remnant network. This means that you can use it to monetize all of the impressions which your main ad network does not – for more information on setting your site up like this, see Using Multiple Ad Networks.

Once you are happy with how you have prepared your site for ads, it’s time to sign up to a service and get started. This will require you doing some amount of work within the code of your site, as well as setting up financial information, so be prepared to do both of these things before diving in.

As we recommend AdSense, we have put together the most vital information on how to get started with AdSense. Other Ad Networks will likely not diverge too far from the below either, so it is worth a read no matter which ad network you go with.


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