Preparing My Site

When making your own website you are free to design it however you want. If you try to be too different however (and for example put your menu on the bottom of each page), you will soon learn that people will feel confused and your traffic will struggle as a result. This is because the internet has somewhat standardised itself over the years by evolving to give users the best experience possible. We now expect sites to look and behave within certain parameters, and it works the same with online advertising. This “Preparing My Site” section therefore aims to let you know what you need to do to make your site standardly ready for online advertising.

Following the rules and guidelines setup so far in online advertising should help your site to make the most money for the least effort. There are still many problems with the system of course and online advertising has certainly not finished evolving yet, however the lessons learned so far are still valuable. Ads work more often than not nowadays, are generally more effective and less annoying, and that’s nothing to be sniffed at.

To be clear – we’re not in any way suggesting that you completely change your site so that it’s more suitable for advertising, as that would be somewhat ridiculous. There are however many ways you can make your site just that little bit more ad friendly. It’s nothing too complex, just the where’s and what’s of how to use online advertising most effectively. You’ll notice most successful sites follow these basic rules, so you probably should too.

Here is our advice on setting up your site, as well links to our Sample Advertising and Cookie Policies which you will need to consider adapting for your own use.


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★ Use IAB Standard Ads

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Don’t use iframes

★ Sample Advertising Policy

★ Sample Cookie Policy


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