Advanced Setup

Once you’ve got your ad network tags working on your site, you have done the hard part. There are many more things you can do in terms of having a more advanced setup, but these should wait.

Don’t jump into adding anything new until you are sure that your initial setup is working fine – a month to make sure your ads are working is standard. We would also strongly recommend waiting another month or two to see your ad network really get going. The first month it runs your results will be erratic, so you can not really judge your ad network until you’ve given it a couple more to bed in. The more data your ad network collects on how your site works for different advertisers, the more it can optimise the amount of money your site can make.

After your ad network is properly bedded in, your focus should of course continue to be on growing your site. If you have the time on your hands and the need for more revenue, then the following should be considered too.


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Using Multiple Ad Networks

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Minimum CPMs


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