Placing Ads On Your Site

Making money from your website is harder than it looks. You basically have three options: you can charge for access, sell stuff, or placing ads on your site.

If you go with advertising, it has the advantage of letting you focus on what you wanted to do in the first place.

Of course nothing is easy. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to make it as easy and efficient as possible.

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1. Introduction To Placing Ads On Your Site

2. Placing Ads On Your Site

3. Why Use Ad Networks?

4. What Ad Networks Want

4.1 What Ad Networks Look For

4.2 What Ad Networks Avoid

5. Preparing My Site

5.1 Use IAB Standard Ads

5.2 Sample Advertising Policy

5.3 Sample Cookie Policy

5.4 Don’t Use Iframes

5.5 Positioning Ads

6. Which Ad Network

6.1 Types of Ad Network

6.2 Ad Networks for Small Sites

6.3 Branch Out When You’re Bigger

6.4 The Big Leagues

7. Setting Up Ads

7.1 How Google AdSense Works

7.2 Putting Ad Code On Your Site

8. Advanced Setup

8.1 Non-Standard Ad Units

8.2 Which Ad Server?

8.3 Minimum CPMs

8.4 Using Multiple Ad Networks

9. How Much Money Can I Make?

9.1 Inventory Forecasting

9.2 Fill Rate

9.3 Discrepancies in Reporting

9.4 Advertising Rates

10. Troubleshooting

10.1 Click Fraud

10.2 Jargon & Dealing with Ad Networks

10.3 Broken and Dishonest Ads

11. Behavioural Advertising


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