Social Media Tool Recommendations

If you’re looking for Social Media tool recommendations then look no further than this helpful list of tools I have tested for your convenience.

The below social media tools have all been tried and tested for The Online Advertising Guide itself. I can honestly say that each of these is really useful in its own way.

My main criteria for recommending social media tools are cost, how easy they are to use, and how much time they save. As The Online Advertising Guide doesn’t sell really anything, the ROI from social is especially low, meaning any tools we use need to be great value for money.

I’m also trying to make our social media activity as efficient as possible so tools need to be both easy to use and time-saving to get my seal of approval.

If you’re looking to make your social media activity work better then look check out the below list. If you have any recommendations to add to it, drop me a line at


Social Media Tool Recommendations

[Disclosure: I have not been paid to recommend any of these products, I just like them]


Social Media Tool Recommendations

Social Media Scheduler: StatusBrew

StatusBrew is the best value social media scheduler out there bar-none. It comes with bulk uploading. There is a suite of reporting tools that tell you about your social media efforts quickly and easily. They also have outstanding customer service (which always helps sell things to me). In short, they are great.

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We Don’t Recommend:

Twitter Ads – due to brand safety issues.


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