Social Media Scheduler Recommendation: StatusBrew

StatusBrew is the best value social media scheduler out there bar-none. It comes with bulk uploading and a suite of reporting tools that tell you what you need about your social media efforts quickly and easily. They also have outstanding customer service (which always helps sell things to me). In short, they are great.

So because StatusBrew offers the lowest price around, an excellent set of tools, and outstanding customer service, I highly recommend it as your social media scheduler.


Social Media Scheduler Recommendation: StatusBrew

[Please note: I’m not being paid to say this, I just like the product]


Great Price

StatusBrew is by far the most cost-effective social media scheduler, with their Voyage II package coming in at $12.00 a month. This is their entry-level package, but for most influencers, small businesses and websites it covers all you will need – 6 profiles, unlimited posts, and a great set of tools.

Note: The Voyager II package is only available in selected countries. I spoke to StatusBrew about it, and they told me that if it doesn’t appear when you look at their pricing you can still ask for it and they’ll see what they can do.


StatusBrew Pricing

StatusBrew Pricing – Accurate at April 2020


Now compare this to Buffer which offers $15 a month for their entry-level package, which includes 8 profiles, but a limit of 100 posts between them. If you’ve ever tried to work within a tight limit like this you’ll understand what a problem it is. A 100 post limit across 8 profiles (or even it was 6 like on StatusBrew) essentially means you can plan two weeks in advance – but only if you severely limit the amount you post per social network

In reality, it means you can only schedule one week (or less) in advance – which in some ways is sensible HOWEVER it also means that you or your social media manager can never take a holiday (or get sick). The best thing about social media schedulers is that they take the pressure off of social media managers by letting them plan ahead – this limit negates that.

[Quick maths break: 2 posts per day = 14 per week. Multiply by 6 networks = 84 posts per week. A 100 post limit is simply not high enough.]

Well, what about Hootsuite? Their entry plan comes in at $25.99 a month, and while it does give you 10 profiles to play with and some other advanced options (such as automatic posting, and running social media ads through it), it is almost twice as expensive. To me, that immediately cuts it from the running.

Both Buffer and Hootsuite have free plans too, but honestly, their limits are so tight they are not even worth mentioning. I’ve looked around and I have not been able to find any social media schedulers which are more cost-effective than StatusBrew. There may be some small companies out there coming in cheaper (and if there are, please let me know), but StatusBrew’s service is comparable to these two market leaders, so they are not only cheap but also great value for money.


Excellent Tools

For me, the most important thing a social media scheduler can offer is to be able to bulk schedule social media posts. I previously used Hootsuite, and creating all my posts in their UI was basically saving me no time at all. StatusBrew, on the other hand, allows you to upload a spreadsheet with all your posts in them – which is a *huge* timesaver. You shouldn’t schedule every single post you ever make, however, if you are going to schedule posts at all, then it should be as quick and easy a process as possible, and their bulk uploader is certainly that.

StatusBrew also offers an excellent set of well thought out reports, which let you know your best posts, your audience and engagement growth, and more. If you don’t have a ton of time for social media reporting, it gives you what you need quickly.


StatusBrew Reporting

Think you get a lot of people following then unfollowing you? Try having a Digital Marketing focussed Twitter account. My sector is ground zero for that nonsense.


Outstanding Customer Service

My preferred customer service channels are definitely #1 Live Chat and #2 Email. Calling a helpdesk is pretty much always a huge timesuck in my experience compared with messaging at your leisure. Because of this, I love StatusBrew.

When you log in there is always a Live Chatbox available in the corner of the screen. If no one is there when you send a message (people gotta sleep sometimes), then it emails them the message, and your Live Chat gets turned into an email message chain. However, the Live Chat box also syncs with that email message chain – meaning you can reply to their messages in the Live Chat box later, or email back at your leisure (whatever) is most convenient to you.

The Live Chat also keeps a history of all your previous conversations, which is odd but occasionally excessively helpful.


StatusBrew Live Chat

StatusBrew Live Chat


StatsuBrews team are also very helpful and replies very quickly to any questions. When I made a billing error, they fixed it no problem. When I saw a deal on upgrading that wouldn’t work on my account type, they worked fast to get me set up on a new account with all my old details in place. Whenever I’ve had technical problems or questions, they have answered them – fast. All in all, an excellent customer service experience.


The Downsides

It wouldn’t be fair of me to recommend StatusBrew so wholeheartedly without telling you the negatives too, so here we go.

1. The connection between your social media profiles and StatusBrew sometimes needs renewal (you just click a button to approve access). However, StatusBrew does not alert you when this happens. If your tweets don’t go out because of this connection breaking, you won’t find out about it unless you go looking. This does only happen very rarely, but it’s very annoying. [Tip: I set a monthly alarm to reauthorise all my connections, which I’m pretty sure is too frequent, but it gives me peace of mind]

2. In the past StatusBrew’s offering was much more concerned with helping people to unfollow inactive accounts, or accounts that didn’t follow them. They built a whole suite of tools around this which were frankly, beyond belief. However, because its audience tools were so advanced they were also widely abused, and they were a big part of the old annoying Twitter culture of following and then unfollowing people constantly in the hopes of boosting your Cool Ratio. Twitter finally got mad at them about this in 2019 and so StatusBrew grew up and ditched its entire “Audience Tools” section.

In my eyes, this was a bold move considering so much of their business was based around this functionality, but a good one. Many people are still super mad at them for this, but they sent everyone who was affected by the outage a swag bag, and they’ve been a solid non-spammy service ever since.


StatusBrew Swag

They sent this stuff to say sorry. The notepads were nice


3. [REDACTED – they fixed this one after reading my post!]


In conclusion

I am not being paid to write this article, and there are no affiliate links in it. I just think StatusBrew is great because it’s cheap and easy to use, and their customer service is great. I bet you will too.

If you are just getting into Social Media Marketing then save yourself some time and money, and choose StatusBrew as your social media scheduler.