Analytics Recommendations

If you’re looking for analytics recommendations then look no further than this helpful list of tools I have tested for your convenience.

The below analytics platforms have all been tried and tested with data from The Online Advertising Guide itself. I can honestly say that all of the below tools are incredibly powerful and useful in their own ways. I plan to keep on testing new analytics platforms in hopes of finding something better, but these are my favourite tools so far.

My main criteria for analytics platforms are how easy they are to set up, and how easy they are to use. So many analytics platforms require too much technical know-how to be something I would recommend to basically anyone. Bonus points are awarded for how good the reports look as the power of good data visualisation shouldn’t be underestimated.

Data is useful and important, and the tools you choose to explore your data with can make a huge difference to your digital marketing efforts.


Analytics Recommendations

[Disclosure: I have not been paid to recommend any of these products, I just like them]


Analytics Recommendations:

1) Google Analytics

The beauty of Google Analytics is that it is great for almost any level of knowledge. If you simply want to know the basics about how your site is performing, you can find helpful stats on the homepage when you log in. If you want a deep dive into your stats to understand and optimise basically anything about your site – you can do that too.

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2) Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a free product that you can use to easily create beautiful and powerful charts, dashboards, and reports. It plugs into most Google products for free (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Sheets and more), and there are companies building connectors for other platforms all the time.

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We Don’t Recommend:

Facebook Analytics – too many stats are missing or wrong to be helpful. It’s also hard to use.

Twitter Analytics  – ok for looking at Tweet stats, but even then individual tweets often go missing from the downloadable spreadsheet.


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