Ad Network Recommendation: Monumetric

Disclosure: We have not been paid to recommend this product, although we do use an affiliate link on this page. Everything that is written on this Product Recommendation page is the writer’s honest opinion.


For websites running on WordPress (or Blogger), Monumetric is the top choice of ad network by The Online Advertising Guide. We have been vetting and testing to find which is the best ad network for publishers for a while now on this site to find what is the best choice for mid-sized sites, and Monumetric has by far been the winner.

The reason for our faith in Monumetric is that it provides the best revenue, top-class customer service, and a very simple and helpful dashboard.


Ad Network Recommendation: Monumetric


Best Revenue

Out of all the ad networks we have tested, Monumetric (previously known as The Blogger Network) has by far provided the highest RPM. For this website that is about $20-$25 (although it will undoubtedly vary depending on your niche and location).

On top of that, they have been entirely upfront about their revenue predictions and seasonal fluctuations. Specifically, they said that revenue will be higher in the run-up to Christmas, and then lower in the month or so after Christmas. Having this level of transparency has been exceptionally refreshing and has helped us with financial planning.



While I was signing up they asked me what my revenue expectations were, and what we were currently earning. When I told them, they said they would definitely beat our other ad networks but were not sure about hitting my expectations. They, in fact, beat my expectations by around 25%!

This under-promising, over-delivering ethos seems to permeate the culture at Monumetric, as when I ask for technical support they do the same thing. It’s a highly satisfying experience!

Didn’t Like

They use NET60 payment terms, meaning that at the end of each month, they work out how much they owe you – and then pay you 60 days later (it’s actually more like NET75 as they pay out mid-month). This is actually painfully common with ad networks but is also not really their fault. Big advertisers pay their bills as late as possible, and so ad networks have had to change from NET30 to NET60 so they can keep up.

Still, it’s frustrating when you switch over to them to know that you won’t get paid for two whole months. After that initial two-month wait, however, it no longer matters as you’ll be paid each month anyway.


Great Customer Service

Monumetric has been exceptionally helpful with all my technical questions (of which there have been many, as I’m trying to test them out). They have a dedicated customer service team that takes your queries, redirect them to the appropriate department, and keeps you updated with your query’s progress.

Having been through the setup, implementation, and troubleshooting phases of several ad networks now, it is refreshing to actually be able to get help when I need it. More than that, it’s great to be able to ask any question I like and to get a knowledgeable response in a timely manner (rather than just being sent to an FAQ page).


Monumetric set up the ad placements themselves on my site, which was convenient. They also got me to install a Monumetric plugin to simplify the whole process. When I didn’t like an ad placement, they removed it – no questions asked. When I wanted some placements changed, they jumped right on it. When I had an idea on how to improve how the ads worked – they listened.

They even helped me to get the ads to work with my cookie policy service (Iubenda).

Didn’t like

Although they have a pretty solid onboarding process, there is a period when they check with their big advertisers if they actually would advertise on your site. It may be because The Online Advertising Guide is a niche site, but that process took over a month for us, which was a frustrating waiting time.

Again though, once the initial wait is over then it’s smooth sailing from then on.


Helpful Backend

My instinct is always to want more stats, even if I don’t use them. Monumetric does not feed this need. What it does do is let you see and edit a simple chart that lets you know how much you have earned over whatever time frame you have selected. You can see the Impression RPM, Session, RPM, or just revenue if you want.

As they put it – the metrics that matter:


Monumetric Stats


It just doesn’t let you break it down to a ridiculous level (which is what I’ve become accustomed to). Having a lack of overwhelming (and frankly unnecessary) options leaves you to stay focused on what you really need to with an ad network. Did they make you enough money? Are they monetising your page views properly?


They estimate your future payments, in the billing section so that the dreaded NET60 above loses some of its sting. You always know how much you will be paid in the following month.

I also really like that they are entirely transparent about what they don’t know. As Monumetric works with many large advertisers running all sorts of ad campaigns, sometimes there can be a delay in reporting at the advertiser’s end. This means that revenue isn’t always confirmed instantly, and Monumetric lets you see the number of revenue reports still pending on a day-to-day basis.


Missing Reports


Other ad networks deal with this by simply estimating your revenue and then adjusting your reports once they get confirmation. This can be frustrating when you read a number, come back ten minutes later and it’s changed. Instead, Monumentric’s numbers only ever grow as they add the late reporting revenue to your reports as it comes in.

Again – under-promising and over-delivering!

Didn’t like

I would like to be able to export reports, and I’d really like to see things broken down by ad size etc (fun fact: I know for a fact they are working on adding more breakdowns to the dashboard). I don’t know what I would do with these reports, but I would still love to see them!


Other Important Points

WordPress & Blogger Only (unless you are a larger site)

Monumetric only work with sites powered by WordPress or Blogger (presumably as they used to be The Blogger Network) unless you are a very large site. They also have some other stipulations for sites they take on, which you can see when you sign up.


Setup Fee

Monumetric isn’t free to use for smaller sites (10k-80k page views). They charge a setup fee of $99, which honestly almost put me off even trying them out of principle. I’m glad I did try them as I’m a big fan now and the revenue earned means the fee is comparatively trivial.

However, it does mean that you should make sure that you have some time free to devote to setting them up properly in your first month or two so you can earn back that money as soon as possible.


Ad Refresh

Monumetric does a thing called Ad Refresh – this means that each ad slot on your site loads a new ad after a period of time. I was against this until I saw it in action and realised it’s actually no more annoying to users who hate ads than just seeing a single ad in that spot.

And more importantly – if you have a site with a long average time on page, it can give your ad revenue a *ridiculously* large boost.


In Conclusion

Monumetric provides great revenue for mid-sized WordPress or Blogger sites. This is doubly true if people spend a lot of time on your pages. They accept websites with 10k or more page views per month, but I would recommend waiting until your site is a bit larger to sign up (so that you can earn back that pesky setup fee quickly or skip it altogether).

If you are looking for the best ad network for publishers in terms of revenue, try Monumetric.