Definition: Video MPU

A Video MPU is an MPU ad that contains a video in it.


7 Ideas & Facts About Video MPUs

  1. There is no technical reason why a video MPU should cost more than a ‘normal’ MPU, but publishers can charge more if they like anyway.
  2. For advertisers with video ads looking for more places to put them, a Video MPU can be a godsend.
  3. If TVs were still (almost) square then video ads would fit in video MPUs much better. As it is, video MPUs are not the best video players!
  4. This sort of MPU often has a much higher CTR than an image-based MPU, as they attract more attention.
  5. Video MPUs have a much higher K-Weight than image-based MPUs, so polite loading is a must.
  6. Most video MPUs don’t have an expand button so you can watch the video full screen, but they probably should.
  7. Like all videos, Video MPUs should initially load with the sound switched off so they don’t annoy users.



Video MPU Definition

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