Definition: User Journey

User Journey means the actions a user takes and the pages a user will pass through on a site before reaching their goal.

It can be used to evaluate a specific goal, ie “Let’s improve the user journey leading to the sales page”.


7 Things To Know About User Journeys

  1. You should make the experience of visiting your website as pleasant as possible (then people will come back).
  2. According to UX Mentor, there are 2 user journeys to consider:
    1) How people *currently* use your site to get what they want
    2) How people *could* use your site to get what they want
  3. You probably know *exactly* how your website works. Other people probably don’t. Analyse what they do in order to help them to use it better.
  4. Homepage ➡️ Fill in form ➡️ Confirmation Page
    is (probably) a better User Journey than
    Homepage ➡️ Membership ➡️ Join Now ➡️ Fill in form ➡️ Confirmation Page
    Short is (often) sweet.
  5. Plan the ideal User Journey when you start a project with specific steps on how a user progresses to a goal. When the project is live test to see what they actually do & adjust accordingly.
  6. People will take many different routes to & through your website. Try to make them all good journeys to improve your conversion rate.
  7. The Behaviour Flow report in Google Analytics or HotJar are both excellent and simple tools to start analysing the User Journey through your site.



User Journey Definition

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