Definition: Tumblr

Tumblr is a multimedia social network owned by Automattic (who bought it from Verizon). Founded in 2007, it focuses on short-form blogging and reposting content to be commented on. It is one of the top ten social networks.


7 Things To Know About Tumblr

  1. Tumblr is to blogs like Reddit is to forums.
  2. A short-form blogging site, focussed on commenting & reposting? While Tumblr may sound like a mix of Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, the culture on there is *very* different from any of them.
  3. There is far less advertising on Tumblr than on other social networks, but it is there. It takes the form of:- Sponsored Posts
    – Sponsored Days (essentially an HPTO)
    – Selling Premium Themes
  4. As of May 2019, there were over 465 million blogs on Tumblr, with 172 billion posts in total (and 21 million more posts created each day).
  5. Tumblr is an underused social network for social media marketing. Creating a truly interesting or entertaining Tumblelog for your brand has huge potential to reach a very engaged userbase.
  6. There used to be *a lot* of adult content on Tumblr. However, after a series of incidents in 2018 (inc. being banned by Apple), Tumblr took action and cleaned up.
  7. Tumblr is filled with niche communities and subcultures with their own in-jokes. If you want to connect with these audiences, learn about them first or you’ll just be ridiculed, ignored, or annoying.



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