Definition: Traffic

Traffic in online advertising is a catch-all term for visitors to a site (the online equivalent of “foot traffic” for a physical shop). It is mostly used interchangeably with inventory (eg “How much traffic do you get?” and “How much inventory do you have” is the same question).


7 Things To Know About Traffic

  1. AKA Visitors. Or Inventory. Or Hits. Or Pageviews. Or Visits. Or Data. Or Sessions. Ok ok, you caught me, it doesn’t have a strict meaning.
  2. Slightly over half (52%) of all web traffic is generated by bots. Bots are used to automatically collect data from websites (inc. by Google), and *most* are not intended to be malicious in any way.
  3. Legitimately increasing traffic is the best way to increase a website’s profitability. Improving a site can increase sales or ad impressions, but both rely on having enough visitors to start with.
  4. Traffic is often tracked via the use of cookies.
  5. According to Ahrefs, over 90% of web pages receive no traffic from Google Search at all. If you have web pages that get zero traffic – either fix them, delete them, or merge them with other pages.
  6. Google Analytics is arguably the best way to keep track of your traffic. It’s free & simple to use (and set up) – but has advanced options and uses too.
  7. Measuring and analysing your traffic is vital for almost any website so that you can understand and improve your site’s performance.



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