Definition: Timeline

A timeline in social media refers to a type of feed where all posts are listed in reverse chronological order. While social media feeds are still sometimes casually referred to as “Timelines”, most social networks now default to algorithmically arranged feeds when looking at posts from multiple users.

Timelines still exist on users’ own profiles, however. For profile Timelines, there is typically a list of all the posts that either a user posted themselves, as well as options to view everything a user reacted to or commented on.


7 Things To Know About Social Media Timelines

  1. Taking a trip down memory lane on your social media profile is fun. It won’t be weird at all to see how you spoke to your friends 10 years ago. Not one bit (that’s a joke – it is usually super weird).
  2. A time-ordered social media feed means that every post gets equal prominence. It also means that if people start commenting on a post after you scroll past it, you’ll miss out on the conversation.
  3. Facebook first replaced launched the Timeline to replace the “Wall” on Thursday, September 22, 2011, and was made available worldwide three months later on Thursday, December 15th, 2011.
  4. Before social media timelines existed there was your current post (which was displayed prominently), and then old posts (which were archived)… and that’s it.
  5. You can easily embed a Twitter Timeline on your website (by going to, which will show Tweets filtered by:
    🦅 Profile
    🦅 The Tweets a Profile has liked
    🦅 A List
    🦅 A Hashtag
  6. If you want to go all-in on your Facebook Timeline, you can create backdated posts to show information about the history of your company/industry.
  7. It’s both convenient and disturbing to be able to scroll through your whole social media history. This is why most politicians delete their whole timeline before they run for anything. Just in case.



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