Definition: Segmentation

Segmentation can take place in any form of digital marketing, and simply involves breaking subscribers, potential customers, or site visitors down into different categories, and then tailoring marketing towards them.

Segmentation allows list administrators to tailor their content to specific user needs, increasing the likelihood of their receiving content the content that they would like to see.

It generally falls into two categories, which can be used separately or together in order to create the most highly targeted campaigns possible:

Behavioural segmentation

This is usually based on user activity on your site or purchase activity. For instance, you could use it to target your customers who always open your emails but never click a link, or who have an abandoned cart in their account on your site (if you have permission to email them).

Demographic segmentation

This is based on user data that they may have given you during sign-up, or that you have learned from your analytics or other methods. It might refer to their geographic area, for example, allowing you to tell them about an event or sale near their location.

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