Definition: Sales Confirmation Page

A sales confirmation page is a webpage that confirms a purchase has been made online. It appears after payment information has been entered and the transaction has been completed.


7 Things To Know About Sales Confirmation Pages

  1. Straight after someone buys from you, their trust levels towards you are likely at max. This makes it a great time to ask for something else (eg “Sign-up to receive updates” etc).
  2. Both Google & Facebook Analytics (and ads) let you set up goals/conversions by selecting a target URL. Sales Confirmation Page URLs are a vital part of analytics and targeting ads.
  3. You may think that the eCommerce module in Google Analytics makes setting up sales as Goals unnecessary. You’d be wrong! Goals can be cross-referenced with a lot more stuff.
  4. Adding an “Other people also bought” or a similar box to your sales confirmation page is a great way to target users at the point they are most interested in making a purchase.
  5. Nudge people to create an account with you *after* a purchase. This way you reward customers with a streamlined sign-up process, rather than annoy them with a long sales process.
  6. When running ads for sales, you should exclude recent visitors to your sales confirmation page so that you are not needlessly annoying your current customers (and wasting your ad spend).
  7. Equally as important as your sales confirmation page, is your sales confirmation email. Make customers feel valued & secure that they made the right choice in their purchase.



Sales Confirmation Page Definition

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