Definition: Revue

Revue was launched in 2015 and bought by Twitter in 2021, which then shut it down in January 2023. It was essentially Twitter’s version of Substack.

Revue was an email newsletter service run through a Twitter profile, with the option of charging to receive your newsletters. Twitter kept 5% of the revenue; you would get the rest. You could import an audience list, and keep your audience list when you left.


Revue Pop-Up

On Twitter If you clicked on more and then Newsletters, you would get this pop-up


The main advantage of Revue was being able to add a subscriber button to your Twitter profile. This was helpful as it is such a prominent placement, especially for larger Twitter accounts.


Revue Subscribe button example


It was also helpful for Revue to be directly on Twitter, as when you subscribed, the platform already knew your email address, so you didn’t need to fill in any forms (just click a button). This would have increased subscribe rates by removing friction. It should be noted that you could change the email address you wanted to subscribe with if you liked.


Revue Confirm Subscription


You could also read a sample issue of the newsletter before you committed to it, which, again, increased subscription rates.



A blue image with a definition of "Revue" which reads "A product from Twitter that allows users to run their (free or paid) email newsletters through Twitter. Subscription boxes are placed on profile pages, and Twitter users can subscribe using their account details."


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