Definition: Quality Score

Quality Score is a metric that Google Ads (formerly AdWords) uses to work out whether they should show your ad to users.

Google gives a score to:

  • The relevance of your keywords to your landing page
  • The relevance of your ads to your landing page
  • Expected user experience

It then combines these scores to come up with a number on a scale of 1-10. Ads with a Quality Score of 10 are considered to be great for users, and so will be shown often (and for little money). Ads with a Quality Score of 1 are considered to be pretty terrible and will cost more to show to users.

Google does this because it wants to provide its users with a great experience while making as much money as possible. By showing ads which it considers “better” more often, users trust the service more and are more likely to click on the ads. This in turn makes them more money.

To improve search marketing campaigns on Google Ads, improving quality score is a must.

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