Definition: Push Down

A Push Down is a special type of display ad that pushes the content of a webpage downwards. It is a sort of combination between an overlay, an expandable ad, and a leaderboard or billboard ad.

This type of ad is quite rare, but seemingly quite effective – possibly due to the ‘dramatic’ entrance it makes when actually pushing down the content of the page.


7 Things To Know About Push Down Ads

  1. A display ad type that makes a dramatic entrance. There is no single type of Push Down ad – it simply refers to any ad which pushes down content when expanded.
  2. This type of ad is usually just a Billboard (970×250) or Leaderboard (728×90) – but dressed up like they’re something fancy. You can expect a boost on performance from regular Billboards and Leaderboards from this sort of ad.
  3. Some types of Push Down ads only initially show a small section (such as a CTA with a down arrow), and require users to actively click or hover over for them to open.
  4. Some types of Push Down ads are simply expandable leaderboard or billboards ads, which push down content when opened. In general, simple expandable ads are favoured over these as they are easier to implement.
  5. According to Unicast, Push Down ads have a 249% higher interaction rate than normal banner ads.
  6. The IAB once listed these types of ads as a “Rising Star” – meaning they were gaining prevalence and had great performance. They never became commonplace, however, likely due to being more technically complex than simple banner ads.
  7. The least intrusive type of intrusive ad. A Push Down doesn’t exactly get in the way of content – more like it simply demands your attention for a second while it … pushes.



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