Definition: Publisher

A publisher of a website is the person or company responsible for the content on a website. This generally means the owner of the website.

However, some organisations will have “Publisher” as a specific job title or role within that organisation. In these cases, the responsibilities of the publisher can vary but generally revolve around being a more technical version of an Editor in Chief. This means they are less responsible for the quality of content, but rather that the site is profitable, runs properly, and publishes on schedule.


7 Things To Know About Being a Publisher

  1. If it’s your website, then you are the Publisher.
  2. Website publishers are legally liable for their content. If you are a publisher, research what that means in your country/state.
  3. Publishing a website is about more than just pushing out content (although that is important too)!
  4. There are about 1.5 billion websites in the world. Only about 200 million of these are active, however.
  5. There are about 500 million blogs, publishing 2 million blog posts daily. Think about (for a second) what an insane level of competition that means for your blog!
  6. A massive 30% of websites are published using WordPress. This is (probably) because it’s free, convenient, and flexible (and also can be great for SEO).
  7. Many giant companies are publishers of multiple giant websites. This includes traditional publishers like Condé Nast, multi-media giants like Disney, & content companies like the Leaf Group.



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