Definition: Performance Network

A Performance Network focuses on providing masses of inventory (sometimes anonymously) with the promise of being able to optimise individual campaigns to the sites which are working best for them.


7 Things To Know About Performance Networks

  1. Sometimes you just need results from your ads, no matter where they are served.
  2. The opposite of a brand network. Your brand won’t gain any value for running on a performance network, but your ads will get you what you pay for.
  3. Performance Networks are often “blind networks” – which means that they won’t tell you which sites your ads are running on (even if you ask nicely). Sometimes, they don’t actually know themselves.
  4. It makes a lot of sense to run a performance network as your backup ads. Let a brand network sell whatever they can for as much as they can, and then let a performance network mop up the rest.
  5. If you run Performance Network ads on your site, prepare yourself for some terrible ads. By selling your inventory for cheap they might boost your fill rate, but that comes at a cost.
  6. AdSense is essentially a performance network.
  7. You get what you pay for – cheap clicks or leads will generally not lead to good customers. This is why you should generally buy conversions from performance networks (but nothing else).



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