Definition: Page Impression

Also known as a page view, a page impression is a digital marketing metric that counts each time a webpage’s code is loaded. A page impression is different from an ad impression, as ad impressions count each ad being loaded (and there can be many ads on a single webpage).

The difference between ad impressions and page impressions is a prime example in digital marketing of things that seem simple but are easily (and commonly) confused.


What it looks like: Page Impressions vs Ad Impressions

To help explain the difference, this infographic shows why page impressions and ad impressions are different.


What it looks like: Page Impression vs Ad Impressions


Top Tip

The word “impression” when used alone almost always refers to an ad impression rather than a page impression. If you are unsure, ask for clarification!


Other names for Page Impression (synonyms)

Page View



A blue image which gives the definition of "Page Impression" as: One webpage code load is one page impression. Impression usually refers to "ad impression" however - which is one ad code load (there can be many ads per page).

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