Definition: Multiple Customer Management [MCM]

Multiple Customer Management is the way in which ad networks can manage the Google Ad Exchange and Open Bidding (Google’s Header Bidding network) for website publishers.

MCM replaced Scaled Partner Management in July 2021. It is intended to be more transparent (in terms of delegation and revenue share) and has far more features than SPM did.

Multiple Customer Management also allows three special types of programmatic deals:

  • Preferred deals – where advertiser and publisher agree on a price for inventory, but not how much inventory will be bought. The advertiser then has first option on those impressions at the agreed price before it goes to the normal open auction
  • Programmatic Direct Deals – a deal at a fixed price arranged between advertiser and publisher. This can be for a specified, or unspecified amount of inventory.
  • Programmatic Guaranteed Deals – where advertisers buy a specific amount of inventory from a publisher at a specific price



A blue image defining Multiple Customer Management as "AKA MCM. The programme through which ad networks manage Google AdX (and other products) for the websites they work with. This system is intended to improve both transparency and revenue."

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