Definition: Long Tail Keyword

Multiple word keywords which really define the company targeting it.  These keywords have low search volumes (often due to their specificity), which can make them good targets for smaller businesses.

For example, the top refrigerator brands want to compete over the keyword “buy refrigerators”. Although that keyword will have a high volume of searches, the combined advertising spend of the top refrigerator companies would make it too competitive (and therefore expensive) for smaller refrigerator manufacturers.

Therefore a Scotland based refrigerator could instead bid on the phrase “Buy Refrigerators in Edinburgh”. This keyword would have less overall volume, but as it is more relevant to the Scottish fridge company it would be an easier win for them. By doing well on lots of long-tail keywords, smaller companies are able to find markets less dominated by larger companies.


7 Things To Know About Long Tail Keywords

  1. The more specific a search is to you, the higher the conversion rate it will likely have.
  2. According to Hitwise, the long tail makes up 70% of search traffic (while the top 10,000 keywords make up about 19%). There is *a lot* of room to operate once you start getting specific.
  3. For smaller businesses, it doesn’t make sense to spend all your time & budget competing for generic keywords. Dominating lots of Long Tail Keyword searches will get better results for less.
  4. According to Ahrefs, 92% of keywords get 10 searches or fewer per month. The long tail is… very long.
  5. A “head” keyword is the opposite of a long-tail keyword. If you searched for “car” that would be a head keyword – it’s more of a topic than a specific idea & it’s very hard to rank for.
  6. You can’t run search ads on every search query in existence. Google Ads have a minimum number of searches that needs to be hit for a term before ads start to appear.
  7. The term “long-tail keyword” comes from Chris Anderson who wrote that while there is a market for almost every product, sometimes that market is very small.These niche markets are the tail.



Long Tail Keyword Definition


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