Definition: Gated Content

Gated content refers to any webpages which require something before you are allowed to use it. For adult content, there may be an age-gate where users are required to enter their date of birth before being allowed content, or for subscription services a user might have to log in and be paid up to gain access.


7 Things To Know About Gated Content

  1. Gated Content is content that isn’t intended for everyone – whether because it is valuable or sensitive.
  2. There are 3 main types of paywall:
    • Hard: 1-2 free articles per month, then you pay
    • Metered: 10-20 free articles per month, then you pay
    • Freemium: Some articles are free, some aren’t
  3. You should only really gate middle of funnel content such as eBooks, research, webinars etc. Top of funnel content needs to draw people in, & the bottom of your funnel still needs to sell
  4. Just because someone registered with you to access your Gated Content, doesn’t mean they have given you any other permissions with regards to their data. Don’t email without permission.
  5. New privacy regulations mean that you can’t restrict access to content in return for allowing cookies.
  6. Paywalls are mainly used by news websites. According to AdMonsters, in 2020 over 76% of US digital news publishers have a paywall model in place.
  7. Paywalls which are easy to circumvent are referred to as leaky or porous paywalls.



Gated Content Definition

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