Definition: FMCG [Fast Moving Consumer Goods]

FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and basically means anything you would buy in a big supermarket (food, clothes, pharmaceuticals etc).


7 Things To Know About FMCG

  1. With Amazon selling groceries and supermarkets rapidly shifting to offer more home deliveries digital marketing is now a huge part of the FMCG marketing mix.
  2. Fast Food brands have made their own niche on social media, with Wendy’s snarky Twitter account famously leading the way.
  3. Giant FMCG companies bulk buy ad space at a huge discount to be used by any of the brands they own. This both creates a financial backstop for ad-funded websites, as well as a downward spiral of eCPMs
  4. Selling food has unsurprisingly been seen as a job best suited for old media, with 2018 seeing only 10% of FMCG marketing budgets go on digital.
  5. For FMCG brands posting hacks, tips, & advice can be a great way to turn people from customers into fans.
  6. Local SEO is a vital channel for small scale FMCG businesses. Selling locally can reduce costs as well as create community goodwill.
  7. FMCG companies often refer to themselves as CPG companies (Consumer Packaged Goods).



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