Definition: Facebook [FB]

A social networking site, where users can post updates in their timeline which include text, photos or videos. Users can become ‘friends’ with other users as well like or follow pages to populate their own feed with updates. It was founded in 2003 (as FaceMash) and didn’t actually turn a profit until 2009. It is now the largest social network in the world by quite a long way.

Like most social networks, Facebook uses Engagement Rate as the primary metric to measure if posts are doing well or not. However, Facebook uses a different Engagement Rate than basically everyone else.

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7 Things To Know About Facebook

  1. Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users.
  2. Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram.
  3. When was the last time you poked someone? For the longest time, it was a key part of the platform, but now most users struggle to find the poke button (it is still there).
  4. Originally called FaceMash, it became before just
  5. Founded in 2003, Facebook didn’t actually turn a profit until 2009.
  6. Facebook no longer uses a timeline, as a popularity-based feed keeps people more engaged.
  7. Facebook friends aren’t the same as real friends. Don’t be fooled!



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