Definition: CPD [Cost Per Day]

What does CPD mean?

The CPD price is the amount that gets paid for every day that an ad is on a webpage/site for the whole day.

For example, if you book an ad campaign on a car website and agree to pay £500 CPD for 10 days for their Ford page, then you will pay £5,000 in total and receive every ad on the Ford page for 10 days.



Technical Information

CPD means cost per day and is usually a sponsorship, which means that the ad appears all the time and that all the ads on that page/site are from that advertiser. The days usually run consecutively (as in 10 days in a row), but this is not always the case.

A special version of this sort of deal is a Homepage Takeover (HPTO), where an advertiser buys all the ads on the homepage for a set period.

The purpose of this sort of deal is usually branding, as users of a website are not likely to click on the same set of ads over and over throughout a day. Therefore what the advertiser is really doing is searing their message into the brains of users of that site/webpage, and creating a mental connection between the site’s brand and the advertiser’s brand.


CPD Formula

The CPD equation is:

CPD Formula or Equation (Cost Per Day)Click to enlarge

CPD = Ad Spend ÷ Days


Average Rates

This is too variable to list. The value of a site/page per day entirely depends on the site! Not only the number of impressions but the value of the brand to the advertiser too, as well as the complexity of the deal.

All in all, it could be anything.



Cost Per Day Definition (or CPD Definition)


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