Definition: Buy-To-Detail Rate [BTDR]

Buy-To-Detail Rate shows the percentage of people who bought an item on a website, after viewing that product’s page. It is a Bottom of Funnel metric in Google Analytics (when using the enhanced eCommerce module). It essentially shows how successful a product page is at turning a potential buyer into an actual buyer.

The metric can be used to optimise an eCommerce site. By looking at the BTDR of multiple pages, you can see which product pages are the most (and least) effective at generating sales. By reworking product pages with comparatively bad Buy-To-Detail Rates, a website can improve its conversion rate.

This form of Conversion Rate Optimisation can be especially effective as it is so close to when someone is about to buy. If someone is already on a product page, then they are only a few clicks away from an actual purchase!


Buy-To-Detail Rate Formula

The BTDR Equation is:

Buy-to-Detail Rate EquationClick to enlarge

Buy-To-Detail Rate = (Purchases x100) ÷ Product Page Views


Top Tip

Always record the Buy-To-Detail Rate before reworking a product page, and then check on it again after a few weeks. By doing this you can see if your new page has improved your conversion rate or not.

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