Definition: Bounce

The term bounce is used in digital marketing is used in both Websites Analytics and in Email Marketing.


Bounce Definition For Websites

A bounce is when a user visits a webpage, doesn’t do anything that can be measured (click on anything for example) and then leaves.

It’s not necessarily a negative thing. For example, if a webpage is only intended to provide information and that information is at the top of the page then a bounce is actually the desired behaviour of users.


Bounce Definition for Email Marketing

A bounce occurs when an email cannot be delivered and is returned to the sender (usually through an error email). There are two types of bounces:


Hard bounces refer to when the email address or the domain name don’t exist. They can also occur when the recipient’s email server has blocked delivery.


Soft bounces refer to what are usually temporary issues – the recipient email inbox is full, the email itself was too large etc.

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