Definition: B2B [Business to Business]

B2B stands for Business to Business and refers to a business whose customers are other businesses (such as office furniture suppliers for example). Selling to businesses (as opposed to consumers) is very different, and a whole different set of tactics and strategies are needed for this type of business.


7 Things To Know About B2B

  1. It is estimated that 72% of businesses primarily serve other businesses.
  2. B2B buyers are much more focused on ROI than B2C. Make sure you make your marketing include details about value for money where possible.
  3. According to DemandWave, over half of B2B marketers say that Email, Social Media, and Search (both Organic and Paid) drive leads for them. Try these channels first!
  4. 80% of B2B buyers will visit your website before making a purchase, and 60% of buyers will check you out on Social Media first. Make sure both are on point.
  5. The rules around emailing for B2B purposes are slightly different if you are emailing a generic address (eg as they don’t contain personal information.
  6. According to Blue Corona, over 80% of B2B buyers view 5 or more pieces of content during the purchasing process. More than 50% view 8+ pieces. Therefore make sure your content marketing is comprehensive.
  7. Know your target market. Create a buyer persona, and research your customers. Find out what they want, and give it to them!



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