Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the oldest forms of Digital Marketing and is still one of the most effective. This is why we have included it on our website about Online Advertising – it is an incredible way of generating traffic (and therefore money for ad-funded websites).

Running ads on the same theme as your email campaigns has also been shown repeatedly to boost the performance of both.


Lead Generation

Before you start email marketing, you need to have someone to send those emails to. Therefore gathering a list of email addresses is one of the things any new website should do.

This should always be done legitimately – buying email addresses is inefficient and, in some countries, illegal. If you get someone to sign up for your newsletter of their own free will, your email list will be much more valuable.

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, email marketing creates a willing (they signed up) and focused (when they open your email, you aren’t competing for attention) audience. This is what makes it so powerful. Also, the relatively low bar to entry in terms of both skill and money makes it a vital form of digital marketing for any business.

We’ve made these useful resources to learn more about Email Marketing. There is a helpful Email Marketing Guide that we are adding to all the time, our Email Marketing Glossary of terms to understand the jargon, a set of useful calculators, and our latest posts on Email Marketing so that you can stay up to date with the latest.

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