Why Is Mobile Marketing More Important Than Ever?

As mobile phones become more advanced, we spend more time using them. Whether you wish to check the weather, catch up with your friends or colleagues, or see where the nearest restaurant is, you can do it using a single hand-held device.

According to some research, people are using mobile phones more than their desktop computers. Around 90% of consumers watch videos on their phones, compared to only 60% that do this on desktop.

With so much of our attention directed to mobile screens, it comes as no surprise that businesses are now developing marketing strategies specifically designed for mobile phones.

There are plenty of ways that a company could showcase its work and reach out to potential customers by using mobile marketing.

SMS marketing is still popular, as users can quickly receive useful information that helps them in making purchasing decisions. App-based marketing is also effective since around 80% of our mobile time is spent interacting with different kinds of apps. This also accounts for in-game marketing, which refers to ads that appear while we play mobile games.



QR codes have proven to be useful as well. By scanning these simple barcodes, users are immediately redirected to a company’s website. Location-based services work by reading into your current location and giving you custom advertisements for nearby businesses.

The user experience shouldn’t be overlooked either since more people will visit a specific website if it’s well-adjusted to smaller screens and loads fast.

By implementing these and other mobile marketing strategies, some companies have significantly increased their web traffic and attracted a lot of new customers.

If you want to learn more details about mobile marketing strategies in 2019, we’ve prepared for you a helpful infographic that you can check out below. Enjoy!



Mobile Marketing Infographic