Top Product Customization Ideas for eCommerce Websites

Giving customers the opportunity to assemble a unique order and get something special rather than to just buy “off the rack” is a powerful tactic in eCommerce. To be fair, even selecting the shade, colour, or print of an item can already be noted as customization since the product may thus come in numerous options. But in this article, we’ll examine the more complicated examples of technology use and progressive product customization solutions offered by famous brands.

Of course, it’s worth noting that the more advanced you want the customization functionality to be on your online retail store, the bigger is the chance that you’ll need to hire professional eCommerce developers for implementation help, but the overall results can be really impressive. Let’s take a look at some awesome ones!


Top Product Customization Ideas for eCommerce Websites



The first brand in our overview offering top-notch customization solutions on their eCommerce site is Nike By You on the official Nike website. Although not all shoe models can be tailored to the individual tastes of the customer, those that can be crafted (such as the Pegasus 37 and Mercurial models) can be individualized layer by layer almost completely.

As you can see on the screenshot below, the available options allow the user to either start from scratch using a “Blank Canvas” or to gain inspiration by tweaking the favoured designs of world-renown athletes like Briana Williams, Christian Coleman, Raevyn Rogers, among others.


The customization technology used on the Nike website provides impressive zoom closeups of the elements that are being modified, neat rotations of the product, and over 20 elements that can be changed around. These include the sole colours and arch height, traction material and lacing, the size, design, colour, and placement of the Nike “Swoosh” logo, the heel and tongue texts, and other details. When finished, the user can either save the design for later or proceed to the checkout steps, indicate their shoe size, and buy them straight away.


Nike Customisation Options



One more eCommerce website boasting great customization features is the Build Your Own My Moments Bracelet section of the official Pandora website. With so many charm options available in the store, it can be #33excludeGlossary and even tricky to match those that would look good together. This is exactly why the charm bracelet builder is so handy.

Apart from offering to take advantage of the popular #34excludeGlossary combinations like the “Disney Fan’s Bracelet” or the “Travel Lover’s Bracelet”, users can build their own one.


The bracelet can be turned by dragging it left or right. The bracelet’s metal colour and size can be selected, plus, by default there are five charm “placeholders” where users can “#37excludeGlossary” various charms from the list on the right of the page. Noteworthy, the list offers filter functionality that can help the user sort charms by collection, theme, metal colour, and price.


Pandora Customisation Options



Next on the list is the Custom Lab on the official #53excludeGlossary website. The lab makes it possible to design your own unique glasses by either building something absolutely #54excludeGlossary or by playing around with one of the 5+ basic frames.

That said, elements like the colour of the lenses, the front part of the glasses, their temple, and the engraving on the tips can be changed.


Rayban Customisation Options



Another popular clothing brand allows its customers to create their designs of jeans, apply various prints using lasers, as well as to personalize #66excludeGlossary and other clothing.

The Tailor Shop on the official Levi’s website has over a dozen customizable items. On the left side of the product page, the item that constantly slowly spins in 3D rotation is displayed. Among the things that can be changed are the colour of the denim material and of the overdye, the pattern that can be applied with a laser, the material’s distress, and the design of the back patch. Just as in the previous examples, the user has the choice of saving the result or adding the item as it turned out to their shopping bag for further checkout.


Levis Customisation Options



Finally, one more renowned brand has its own approach to product customization. The official Converse website also has a custom shoe section that allows us to individualize the designs of over 100 different shoes! One of the reasons why Converse made the list lies in the fact that so many models can be customized, even those that are for toddlers.


On the example of the Chuck Taylor shoes that are shown on the screenshot, the “Edit Design” button takes the user to the builder tabs. Such elements as the tongue of the shoe, the heel stripe, inside and outside body colour, and many others are available for customization.



Final Say

Summing up the above, there’s so much that can be done on your eCommerce website to present customizable items, especially if your product line allows you to provide customers with items that they can modify themselves. This can grow brand loyalty, inspire the creativity and uniqueness of your buyers, as well as lead to more sales.