This Month’s Reads: September 2022


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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Learn the new jargon, the new way social media works, and why search isn’t working like it used to.

Also how to easily automate your eCommerce, audit your display ads, and onboard for PPC.

Enjoy This Month’s Reads.


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101 Digital Marketing Terms You Need To Know In 2022

Every year, without exception, the number of digital marketing terms you are expected to know continues to grow. Get help keeping up!


The End of Social Media and the Rise of Recommendation Media

With a sweeping change that is intended to be good for society, Facebook is deprioritising your friends & family in favour of what’s popular across the platform. Less radicalisation, more pop culture?


7 Ways to Automate Your eCommerce Marketing

Some things need your personal attention every time – but so many things don’t! Boost your efficiency with these tips.


Sellers.json File Explained

Sellers.json provides advertisers with a mechanism to discover all parties (eg SSPs) involved in selling a publisher’s ad inventory.


The Open Secret of Google Search

Is it just me or is Google getting worse? The Atlantic takes a look at why one of the most-used tools on the internet is not what it used to be.