This Month’s Reads: October 2023


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Big brain stuff. Seasonal planning, targeting emotions, maximising efficiency, and a list of the best ad networks to take with a pinch of salt.

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8 Point Checklist for Digital Marketers in Autumn

Summer isn’t like autumn. The change in weather drives people inside – and onto their computers – meaning it is time to kick your digital marketing up a notch.


Neuroprogrammatic Is the Future of Contextual Advertising

It’s not just about words; it’s about tone and the emotion conveyed. Match the emotional content of an ad to the page and thereby to the consumer.


The Quality Cliff: A Mental Model for CMOs

Your content is great… but is it worth making it better? There are diminishing returns to improvements at a certain point.


15 Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2023

A best ad networks list written by an ad network! It does (of course) include them – but it’s a pretty solid list nonetheless.


How the growth of click and impression farming are getting worse with AI

More fake sites, more fake visitors, and harder-to-detect clicks from bots. AI is getting all up in online advertising’s business.

Ad fraud was already out of control at about $100bn a year. This is everybody’s problem.

The key quote:

“It isn’t just the marketing side that plays a role, but the demand side as well. Yet it is a bit awkward for the ad platforms to push to solve the problem – because it ultimately contributes to their revenue.”