This Month’s Reads: November 2022


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Get more money per user, get better traffic from search, and increase your efficiency on social. Also a fascinating tale of either a man or an industry with no shame (depending on your take).

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The Ultimate Guide to Maximise Page Views Per User

If your site is ad-funded, then maximising revenue from every visitor is a must. How you do that though can be counter-intuitive.


How to Measure the Quality of Your SEO Traffic Using Google Analytics

Quality over quantity wins every time. You can learn how to check yours.


5 Social Media Management Practices To Save Time

Make every second of your time on social media more efficient and effective.


What is Supply Path Optimization (SPO) in Programmatic

The fewer steps between advertisers and a website, the more money everyone makes. Minimise your supply path.


How Bots Corrupted Advertising

The tale of Aleksandr Zhukov who built websites and faked traffic with bots. He sold millions in advertising and when caught redhanded insisted that he had done nothing wrong.