This Month’s Reads: November 2021


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We fill your head with big ideas and strategies. How to adjust your content play, find new & better campaigns, develop a loyal customer base, make the most out of your display ads, and research like a pro using just Google.


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Publishing No Longer Rewards the Web’s Creators

With more competition than ever and big platforms keeping more traffic for themselves, content just isn’t what it was.


How to Get Over Inevitable Local Maximum?

If you optimise a campaign you can improve performance – but only to a point. How to leave your hill for the mountain next door.


Strategies for Developing a Loyal Customer Base

Overcome customer retention challenges with these strategies.


Header Bidding vs Waterfall

Most display advertising uses header bidding these days, yet the waterfall persists. Find out the differences and if you should switch.


Google Advanced Search Operators for Competitive Content Research

Use symbols in your searches to get the most out of Google.